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At the Jarratt Law Firm, we use our experience from the courtroom to help you resolve your case with minimum time spent before a judge.  Often, we are able to resolve your case without ever stepping foot in a court room. We are able to do this because Ms. Jarratt is a skilled litigator and a powerful negotiator. Ms. Jarratt studies the art of compromise and negotiation so that she can help her clients find closure quickly and economically.

Negotiated settlements expedite closure, increase one’s sense of control, and are more likely to be complied with than a court ordered judgment. These factors are the result of buy in. When a party is involved in the outcome of their matter, they have a stronger connection to the result because they had input. When you go to court, the judge hears each side’s position; however, the decision is solely in the hands of the judge. Sometimes one side wins while the other loses, and more often, both sides lose.

Ms. Jarratt has years of experience resolving cases in and out of court. Her clients benefit from this experience because Ms. Jarratt knows the difference between battles worth fighting over and battles worth settling. She is a candid advocate who will not hesitate to discourage you from taking an action that will not achieve your desired outcome—even at the expense of her profit margin. Ms. Jarratt’s philosophy has always been that it is better to have satisfied clients who spend less money, than miserable ones who have spent a fortune.

At the Jarratt Law Firm, we take a holistic approach meaning that we look at the impact of our advice on you, your children, and your financial well-being.  We give you the information to make informed choices by explaining the implication of said choices both in and out of the legal case. We never forget that the legal case is only one component of the transitions you are making.  

Hire Amanda Jarratt if you are ready to dissolve with an Attorney Mediator who counsels with respect for the often overwhelming changes that dissolution triggers. Amanda can be reached at (510) 247-1015 or (925) 480-7850.


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Contact us today if you are ready to work with an Attorney Mediator who is honest, approachable, and knowledgeable. In Alameda county contact us at (510) 247-1015 and in Contra Costa County contact us at (925) 480-7850.


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